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Welcome to CE Symmetry

Our belief is that the enterprise of certified Continuing Education is more important than ever. The majority of healthcare practitioners place great value on quality, fair balanced continuing education to help them stay abreast of the rapidly expanding knowledge base in healthcare.  Yet, instead of grasping the need to match the demands faced by practitioners and increase the volume and quality of certified Continuing Education, we see a misguided focus on the control of the CE franchise, which fosters continued turbulence in the CE community. Much of this is driven by the very organizations that should be providing sorely needed leadership yet are failing to listen to the majority voice of their stakeholders.

Certified Continuing Healthcare Education is a critical yet increasingly difficult service to provide. We see that most Commercial Supporters are finding it to be a significant challenge in managing their internal processes in providing support of quality programs in the face of the constant changes. While there are a few very vocal critics of industry support of CE activities, CE Symmetry is convinced that commercial support should remain an integral component in the provision of quality educational events. Our many partners in the accreditation arena including Continuing Education providers, state and national specialty medical societies and academic medical centers share this philosophy.

CE Symmetry is dedicated to providing effective strategies and services to our partners and commercial supporters of CE activities. Our experience and dedication to staying current with the issues and changing regulatory environment enables us to provide you with complete management of the CE events you are developing. We provide:

  • Complete CE document completion
  • Robust Needs Assessments (as defined by the ACCME) and Practice Gap Analysis
  • Pre and Post Educational Practice Behavior assessments. The post assessments are designed to meet the ACCME Level 4 requirements for determining the impact of an educational event on practice behavior not knowledge gained
  • Creative and varied educational formats to provide the greatest reach for the educational content. This allows a provider or commercial supporter the security of knowing that an investment in a few educational projects will still attain wide exposure to the appropriate audience for the content.
  • Vetting of all faculty. The process we employee is time consuming but we feel it is a critical element in achiveing a successful event or project. We do extensive research on the appropriateness of potential faculty including their work in the therapeutic area, respect of their colleagues and most importantly we strive to make sure speakers have credibility. We make every effort not to use faculty that are “on the circuit” in order to ensure non-biased and non-conflicting content.
  • Rich and creative graphic support.
  • Our team also has greater than 75 years of combined experience in the implementation of meetings and CE events. This experience allows our partners and commercial supporters the comfort of knowing all aspects of an event are thought through and attention to detail is at the highest level.

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