Educational Designs

Once you make the decision to support an educational initiative, the work has just begun. What are the needs to support the educational intervention? Who is the audience and how do you reach them effectively and efficiently? In other words, "how do you get there from here?"

CE Symmetry utilizes an array of methods and practices for meeting the Objectives and Learning Goals. As active members of the Medical Education community, we strive to utilize creative learning tools that are effective in fostering critical thinking, changing practice behaviors and implementing effective assessment methodologies. These are all important issues in Educational Design consideration.

CE Symmetry has experience in

  • Live educational events
  • Interactive web based conferences
  • On demand internet delivered events
  • Print content
  • CD-ROM / DVD delivered programs
  • Multi-language programs

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eLearning Content

CE Symmetry takes pride in our ability to provide not only robust and clinically relevant content but we do so with the learner in mind. The content is always central to an accredited course. However, presenting the course content in a fashion that engages the learner and provides the greatest flexibility in accessing the content is equally important in successfully reaching the most appropriate audience with the correct content. Print monographs, slide kits, PDF delivery are all effective mechanisms and are used by CE Symmetry when it is appropriate to do so. However, there are other times when a more robust and engaging eLearning platform is the better option and CE Symmetry can easily deliver this option for you. We develp programs that utilize a nymber of different asset formats, audio, PowerPoint, PDF, graphics, etc that are then put together and published as a Flash and/or HTML5 product. This allows users to access the content from their desktop/laptop or from a mobile device. It is a major piece of the mix in ensuring a successful campaign for an accredited CME project.

Click on the image below to see a work sample we put together fpr a recent RFP we were invited to participate in.



Additionally, CE Symmetry or its sister company, MedCom Collaborative, can take your existing content and audio files and develop a custom eLearning piece for you and/or your organization


Therapeutic Tour™

The Therapeutic Tour™ is a highly effective exhibit concept designed to deliver quality education to physicians and other medical professionals. Intended for use on exhibit floors at local, regional, national and international meetings, the Therapeutic Tour™ is a custom-designed / custom-branded exhibit featuring a series of stylized scientific panels that highlight but do not include the educational content to be presented in the enduring material which is certified for continuing education the participant can request. The panels carry the branding design established for the exhibit structure and present a brief synopsis of the certified educational content that will ultimately be delivered to audience. The print panels are supplemented by a customized audio track, which “escorts” scientific meeting attendees as they proceed through the exhibit. The content presented at the Therapeutic Tour™ is used to elicit requests from the participants for the complete certified CE content to be provided in a multimedia format following the medical meeting.


This educational exhibition concept has a proven track record with impressive results around the world.


Therapeutic Tour™ is designed to provide sponsors with an alternative method for educating medical professionals.

View The Therapeutic Tour

eMagazine Delivery

CE Symmetry has fully adopted the use of technology to produce engaging multimedia content delivered as an eMagazine. An example of a piece that is a non-accredited item that is for patients and patient caregivers is the United States Hereditary Angioedema Association Patient Empowerment Program that is delivered as a robust and interactive eMagazine entitled "HAE Essentials - A patients Guide". This piece was developed specifically for patients with a rare disease that often struggle to find healthcare practitioners, school employes, HR staff and others that understand this disease that affects less than an estimated 15,000 patients in the US. This diefinitive resource provides videos, downloadable forms and other resources for patients to utilize in making absolutely certain they are receiving the most up-to-date treatment and therapies. 

CE Symmetry was responsible for designing all aspects of this project. We shot the videos using greenscreen techniques, provide scripts, added graphic support for the video and the eMagazine content pages and then did all the programming to convert it to the eMagazine you can view by clicking on the link below. 



Let CE Symmetry's team of Subject Matter Experts, Editorial Staff and Graphic Designers help you and your team with developing a similar piece.



HAE_file_download.jpgHereditary Angiodema (HAE) Therapeutic Tour


View the HAE Therapeutic Tour on our website.

View Program

HAE_file_download.jpgHereditary Angiodema (HAE) Therapeutic Tour File Download


This is a zip file you can download and view on your computer. When clicking on the link make sure to save to your computer in order to view the program.

Download Program

pancreatitisCE.jpgPancreatitis CE


Robert Batte from CE Symmetry, designed and implemented this multi-discplinary program. Three concurrent sessions were videotaped in their entirety and then made available for CME accreditation as an enduring material. Please click on the image to the left to be redirected to the Home page of to see more details of the program. To see how CE Symmetry can develop a program for your company, contact Robert Batte at or at 813-810-4452.